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Exercising the Waist and Derriere

For those hard to control parts of the body, doing the exercises to see achieve the right results is a matter of performing the following movements:


The Derriere Elevation. Lie down on our belly with your hands cupping your forehead. Elevate one leg so that the knee forms a right angle. Squeezing the cheeks of the derriere in, push the sole of your foot in the direction toward the ceiling. Try to raise your leg as high as possible – as long as it is comfortable Then gradually, lower the leg to the start position and start over. Remember to keep the hips pinned to the floor.

Elevate the legs 20 times per each leg.

The smart way to enhance the body’s overall fitness level is to test the bounds of the body. Maximized intensity and increased repetition are the essential keys to varying one’s fitness regimen.

Use the following strategies to expand your physical training program:

•Jog in place
•Do 25-30 sit-ups
•Push ups (20 to 50 times)


Oblique crossovers will slim down the size of your waist. Recline on the flat of your back. Elevate the head and shoulders from the floor. Use your hands to support your neck with the elbows extended out to the sides. Bending at the knees, raise your legs off of the floor ground and begin twisting the body so the each shoulder can alternate touching the opposite knee. During the movement, extend the other leg outward. The motion should be at the same pace of peddling a bike.

For the best results, do two sets of 10 repetitions. Be sure to rest for 30 seconds between sets.

Do not forget to consult your physician or a fitness instructor before starting a new program.

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