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A Few Pointers On SuperSlow Bodybuilding

Has your bodybuilding training program lost its luster? Are you bored by your resistance exercise regimen? Reaching a fitness plateau is a sign to try something new at the gym. To explore a new challenging way to keep muscles sculpted and in shape is a matter of trying a different kind of bodybuilding program, superslow training.

The benefits of the super slow weight lifting program have been associated with safety, complete muscle isolation as well as full focus. For bodybuilders who are currently involved in a strength-training program, the chances are pretty high that they will have to reduce the weight of their lifts between 30 to 40 percent. Since the premise of the super slow training program takes 20-seconds from the lifting and releasing motions, a lower weight is needed to manage the increased load associated with the slow deliberate movement.

The objective behind the superslow lifting is to keep the movements coupled with the "the turnarounds" (the motions at the top and bottom) as flexible and smooth as possible. Not to mention, the fluid motion enables a full isolation of the muscle while diminishing pressure on the body.

Another consideration to keep in mind during the superslow bodybuilding program is the way one breathes. Deep inhalations and exhalations should be taken throughout the entire movement. On the other hand, a setback of the training program is how the muscles are stressed out for a longer span of time. Consequently, the bodybuilder will experience more strenuousness than with the traditional form of weight training. Nonetheless, superslow personifies the quality over quantity exercise theory.

And as the unique strength training may be seem more intensified, the benefits will be reaped in a shorter span of time.

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