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Basic Workout to the Advanced Routine
To get the most out of your workouts you should learn what types of exercise are right for you. You may be repeating the exercise for quite some time now but you are still not getting the results that you would want. That is why it is important to be guided by a trainer a book or a video tape. It is really suggestible to be first guided by the trainer and eventually move on your own. A trainer has more ideas and can adjust the workout you have that can bet fit you.

Here are the different phases a body builder should encounter. These exercises also vary from the different phases such as beginner, intermediate and the advanced program.

A beginner often makes the mistake of using workouts for professionals that they see in magazines. Instead they should start out with the basic exercises using only dumbbells and a bench. To get the most out of your work out you should also learn to have a bodybuilding diet.

Here are exercises for beginners using only dumbbells. This work out should be done 3 times a week.
Calf raises
Stiff legged dead lifts
Dumbbell squats
Dumbbell lunges
75 degree incline dumbbell bench press
one arm rows
dumbbell bench press
dumbbell pullovers
bent over lateral raises
dumbbell upright rows
Overhead triceps extensions.

Do 10-12 reps of 2 sets and rest for about a minute between sets. After 4 weeks move on to 3 sets. The exercise will last for 45 minutes when you do 2 sets with a rest of 1 minute between sets. When you move on to 3 sets it will then be 60 minutes.

After working out 12 weeks on a beginners work out you can now move on to the intermediate workout. By moving on, this will help you progress and prevent getting stable. This workout will include upper and lower body work outs.

Lying Tri Ext
75 Degree Incline Press
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Flat Dumbbell Press
Incline Flyes
Incline Curls
One Arm Rows
Two Arm Rows
Dumbbell Curl

Lower Body:
Knee Ins
Swiss Ball Crunch
Leg Raises
Leg Extensions
Sit Ups (Go up to a 30 degree angle only)
Stiff Legged Dead lifts
Calf Raises
Leg Curls

Try to alternate the exercise for the upper and lower body during the week. You should do 10 to 12 reps of 2 sets and have rest of 1 minute in between sets.

After working out for 12-16 weeks on the intermediate program you should move on to an advance routine. Advanced training means you will have to change you work out programs every 3 weeks to keep the gains coming.

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