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Starting Out at Body Building
Body building is not as simple as getting the heaviest weights and lifting them up. A person, especially a beginner should always learn more about body building first before starting out. This will help the beginner prevent accidents such as broken backs. It will also prevent the person having only the left bicep grow while the other seems to be stagnant. Here are some things to consider before starting body building.

Always have an approval from your doctor if it’s ok for you to lift heavy weights. You may have certain conditions such as a weak back that may be hurt more. Another example is that if after a check up you found out that you are experiencing kidney problems. It will be dangerous to take certain amount of proteins that will help you gain muscle. The important thing in body building is that you have a healthy heart, kidney and liver. These three needs to be healthy, so that your work out will have some effects on your body.

Aside from the three you should also get your hormones checked up by a doctor. Having hormonal imbalance will prevent you from achieving your goals. The hormones that should be checked are free testosterone, free testosterone, Estradiol, IGF-1, and the DHEA. You should also have your thyroid checked out to see if your metabolism is fine.

After you get your doctor’s approval you need to figure out where you’d want to work out. You can either find a gym or a health club or build your own gym at home. If you choose to work out at a club or gym, choose one near your place or near your work. This will prevent you getting tired just going there. Working out at a gym near your office is only suggestible if you do not plan on working out on weekends and with your spouse or girl friend. You should also consider the cleanliness, hours of operation, equipment, monthly cost and the most important thing is how comfortable you can get.

Some people feel the need to work out at home but will need discipline. Lots of people do not have the motivation to continue working out at home. There are still advantages though. You wouldn’t be bothered by the crowds, no fees, and you can use the next equipment immediately. However do remember to be careful because there is no one to spot you.

These are only some of the things that you should seriously consider when starting out bodybuilding. By following these tips you will have enough knowledge that what you are doing will not affect your health in a bad way.

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