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Trading in Sit-ups for Strength Training
Can we safely bid sit-ups and crunches farewell in battling belly bulge? Based on the findings of researchers at the National Institutes of Health, sit-ups and crunches may be as extinct as typewriters. Fortunately, a new wave of research has shown weight training to be the new contender of stubborn stomach fat.

The clinical findings show that weightlifting for an hour twice a week wrestles intra-abdominal fat (deep fat or visceral fat the unhealthiest fat that furls itself around organs associated with heart disease). Over 150 participants (20s- 40s) were examined by researchers who divided them into two sects. In group number one, the subjects followed a two-year weight-training program. The other group was given information to from a brochure to create a half-hour fitness regimen.

All participants were instructed to maintain their normal dietary habits to assess whether fitness without a strict diet would impact their weight. During the two-year duration, the subjects given an exercise brochure experienced a 21 percent jump in intra-abdominal fat. On the contrary, the participants of the weight training program showed only a seven percent increase in visceral fat. Not to mention, the weight lifting group averaged a 4 percent reduction in overall body fat.

The connection between weightlifting and decreasing an emerging belly has been found quite fascinating to researchers. At the same token, the new way to slim down a bulging belly is far more satisfying to people with an aversion to doing sit-ups and stomach crunchers.

Weight lift weight loss tip: Lift weights bi-weekly using both free weights and weight lifting equipment/machines. Be sure to take a gradual approach to increasing the amount of weight. Nonetheless, many physical trainers recommend aerobic exercise as the best way to reduce fat around the mid-section.

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