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Alleviate Stress on the Job with Fitness

With a number of companies stressing the importance of health and well-being, employees may include a number of activities in their life to alleviate stress and get into shape. Even though it seems every minute of the day is accounted for, here a few fitness tips:
Do it at lunch. Use thirty minutes of your one-hour lunch break to step into the great outdoors.

Saunter briskly. Go for a brisk walk. Itís amazing what thirty minutes can do for your work-out plan. If you go for a walk just 30 minutes a day, the results will astound you:
- A little defense against heart disease
- Preservation of bone density
- Potential weight loss
- Good toning
- Burn energy between 100-300 calories

Go resistance. To define the lower extremities of the body, do a 2-3 sets of squats and forward lunges. The movements can be done in the copy room or even in the confines of a cubicle. Not to mention, you may stash a few resistance tube under your desk. To strengthen the upper part of the body perform a few push-ups. Regardless of what you decide for your fitness program, you can fit in a succinct workout before lunch.

Intersperse it -Itís not etched in stone that your entire work-out must be completed in one session. Any type of exercise can be done your lunch hour for 15 to 20 minutes. The remaining minutes may be commencing in the morning or even hours. It will not alter or hinder the amount of your caloric burn. Regardless if it is consecutive or interspersed throughout the day, it is important to include physical activity just about each day of the week.

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