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Basic Body Building and Weigh Training Rules

Starting a weight training or body building program should not be taken lightly. There are a few useful strategies to simplify the process of launching a rewarding resistance regimen. Use these bodybuilding strategies to launch a weight training program:

Consult a credentialed professional personal fitness instructor/trainer to demonstrate the proper form of each lift.

Plan and schedule a regular weight lifting program. Always try to remain true to the schedule.

Overall the way to assess a weight for appropriate training is to find a weight that allows muscular failure to be achieved within 2.5 to 3 minutes of each exercise.
Take your time during lifts. Try the Supers low approach.

Only use weights that you can manage safely without subjecting yourself to pain and strains. Impetuous movements or the tendency to lunge may cause back stress or injury.

Follow a weight training program every other day. Since the muscles require time to grow and rest, never execute lifting two consecutive days.

Always focus on each movement, lift and objective. It will enable the mind to be focused on the body and muscles coupled with the appropriate form. It will allow you to execute each movement smoothly. Overall, distractions can serve as ways of ruining a fitness program.

Do not hold the breath during each movement. Keep breathing during the exhalation of each exercise. Intersperse short breaths with quicker ones as the body moves toward the end of each repetition. Never hold the breath during any lifting movement because it elevates the blood pressure.

Perform as many repetitions as possible or until it is virtually impossible to move the weight. Subsequently, continue to use resistance against the weight for an additional ten seconds.

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