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Summer Sex Appeal: A Fit Body in No Time

Before you know it, summer will be in full swing. It’s the time of year where the body is exposed for better or worse. From the wife beater, tank top, Speedo, or bikini, summer ware bares the body’s sexy and/or repulsive flaws. But if you can synchronize proper nutrition and sufficient cardio, you’ll be in sleek shape before you know it.

Use the following scheduling guidelines to develop an effective work-out program:

Cardiovascular exercise – should be executed 30 minutes – two to four days a week

Resistance training – Alternate resistance training with days that you do not do your cardiovascular program. Perform two to three sets of 15 repetitions. Be sure to rest 30 seconds between each interval of sets. Try to keep a slow tempo during resistance training.

1) Bent over row: Exercises the Back and front regions of the arms (Rhomboids, Middle Trapezoid, Posterior Deltoid, and Biceps)

Bending your knees slightly, allow them to lock at the hips. Keeping the back flat lift weights with your elbows bent outwards while squeezing the shoulder blades as one unit in the back. Remember to breathe while lifting the weight to inhale while you gradually lower the weights. To make the exercise more challenging, stand on one leg while you lift the weights. Remember to alternate your legs between each set. It will work on your lower body and your core.

2) Bent over triceps extension: Works back portion of arm (Triceps)
In a lunging position, maintain the back of your heels planted onto the floor. Then rest a forearm on your corresponding thigh. Raise the upper portion of your
back flat while elevating the upper portion of your arm.

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