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Fitness Savvy and Budget Wise

Saving money to exercise is consumer savvy. Particularly for the person low on finances and willing to claim a bargain uses these tips to save on workout equipment, classes/instructions and even health clubs.

Bargain shop for specific needed equipment and classes. Do not settle for the first bargain you encounter. Compare the cost, benefits of five potential health clubs or exercise gear.

Truly, evaluate your work out needs to the cost of the equipment. For instance, if you want an elliptical machine ($3000), compare it to the cost of an annual membership. Do not forget to include any transportation costs to get to the gym. Include any other extra costs. Then consider other portable less expensive alternatives. An exercise DVD, stackable cube exercise stepping cubes offers the best-cost savings to the elliptical machine. Not to mention, a portable steeping stools and a video are 10 times more affordable than, the health club membership and the machine.

Check with your local community recreation center, to inquire on costs for using their fitness equipment and classes. Places like the YMCA offer inexpensive fitness classes and discounted membership for local residents. In certain college towns, universities allow local citizens to use their fitness center for a substantially cheaper cost than privately owned healthy clubs.

Alternatively, certain gyms offer significantly affordable memberships for family and friend members. So, look into a family rate to split the cost of your membership with one of your relatives. Also, certain personal trainers offer special deals for two. Ask a friend to sign up with a trainer to split the cost.

And if you are unable to afford a discounted gym membership or new equipment, look into purchasing used equipment.

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