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8-Reasons to Add Lean Muscle Mass through Strength Training

Review these eight reasons, to make strength training part of your fitness program.

Increase your metabolic rate - Strength training boosts the body's metabolic rate, because it causes the body to maximize the amount of calories burned throughout the day.

Reduce the risk of coronary disease – Making strength training a part of a fitness program will offer a mélange of health advantages (lowered blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels).

Improve mobility, balance, flexibility – With stronger, resilient muscles, movement, flexibility and balance are improved – allowing for fewer accidents or falls.

Achieve optimal performance during physical activity or sports – Regardless, of one’s favorite physical activity or sport, a strength training program may drastically improve overall performance.

Enhance and restore bone density – Sedentary and inactive habits lead to aging which decreases bone density and incites bone brittleness. Clinical trials have found that consistent strength training can help maintain bone density while it prevents osteoporosis.

Injury-proof the body - A wealth of both life-related injuries as well as sports-related injuring can be prevented through strengthening the joints and muscles.

Defer the aging process – As physical activity keeps the body invigorated and functioning at optimal levels, incorporating strength training into one’s life can defer the side events associated with aging. Additionally, when it is made a consistent part of one’s life, it assures graceful aging. Strength training ensures that the body is strong enough to endure outdoor recreational activities, aerobic and athletic performance.

Studies have determined that strong maturing adults are less prone to fall down. Stronger bodies make older people more resilient to falls. Not to mention, seniors who are stronger are less apt to be injured and have a better capability of healing quickly after the injury.

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