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Lifting Maneuvers for Biceps and Triceps

What does it take to shape, contour and tone the muscles of your arms into lean triceps and biceps? Obviously, it takes great strength. Achieving great-looking arms with symmetry necessitates dumbbells or free weights. Nonetheless, muscular arm are devised by workouts that target the triceps as well as the biceps.

Before you start the tricep and bicep workouts, do five minutes of cardio to get the body warmed up. Next, choose a hand weight that is comfortable enough for you to lift between 12 and 15 times in proper form. Incorporate the following triceps and biceps exercises:

Bicep Bend: With the palms of your hands holding two dumbbells, facing inward and your arms straightened, place one elbow to the side. Begin the bicep bend by raising the dumbbell. Vertically, rotate your forearm until your palm is facing your shoulder. Then return to the original position and repeat the steps with an opposite arm. Alternate the movements between sides.

Sling-back Triceps: Kneeling over a bench, use one arm to support your body. With the free arm, hold the dumbbell with your arm parallel to the floor and the elbow curled. Stretch and extend you arm in a downward position and then straighten it out. Then return to the first position and start all over.

For the novice weight trainer, start the arm, tricep and bicep movements, one set at a time every other day (three times per week). As the set becomes easy to execute, increase the number of sets. To build strength, increase the weight of the dumbbell or the number of sets. Remember each time new weight is added; decrease the number of sets to avoid over-exerting any muscles.

Practicing these exercises will arm you with lifting, handling and lugging power.

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