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Achieve Ideal Abs
When it comes to working on your tummy, abdominals, stomach or core, what are your objectives? While some people yearn for a flat belly, others are obsessed with achieving the coveted six-pack. For instance, in the arena of belly dancing, a more meaty stomach is the ultimate goal. Middle Easterners prefer a chubby tummy opposed to either a muscular or flat one. But depending on an individual’s body type, the abdomen can be the most intractable area of the body to lose weight.

Losing belly fat is almost impossible without weight loss. Achieving a svelte waistline necessitates more than a 20 sit-ups a day. A healthy diet coupled with a cardiovascular fitness program is what it takes to shed belly fat. Although, exercises specific to the abdominals are pertinent, the workout should accommodate the entire body.

According to fitness expert Ms, Kaigler of the University of North Carolina, the whole body requires movement in order to benefit the core. For the person in pursuit of a slim waist, Kaigler recommends a workout regimen of 15 to 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Elliptical trainers, treadmills or even Nordic Track can do the job. These machines are important because they employ both the back and stomach muscles.

Since the abdomen works in conjunction with the back, exercises that engage both during aerobic like exercises are crucial. Individuals with feeble backs will endure sciatica or back pain from abdominal/core related exercises. To strengthen the lower, back be sure to intertwine your fitness program with an interval of lower back-targeted exercises.

Abdomen/core fitness tip: For the ultimate abdominal results, the key exercise your stomach three times a week – to the point of absolute fatigue.

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